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Details Controlling-Software-Projects-Management-Measurement-and-Estimates-Management-Measurement-and-Estimation-Yourdon-Press

Controlling Software Projects Suggests quantitative methods for estimating software development time, describes various system models, and explains how to gather numerical information about a project Full description

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Details Review-on-Project-Quality-Management-Planning-Software-Quality-Planning

Research Paper (postgraduate) from the year 2012 in the subject Computer Science - General, Unisel - Universiti Selangor, Malaysia (Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology), language: English, abstract: Software Quality Planning is one ...

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Details Towards-a-framework-for-Requirements-Engineering-in-agile-Global-Software-Development-Interfacing-American-customer-and-Indian-developer

Projektarbeit aus dem Jahr 2013 im Fachbereich Informatik - Wirtschaftsinformatik, Note: 1,3, Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg (VAWi), Veranstaltung: Global Information Technology Management, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: According to Gartner (Pettey ...

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Details Looking-for-Information-A-Survey-of-Research-on-Information-Seeking-Needs-and-Behavior-Library-and-Information-Science

Looking for Information Explores human information seeking and use. This title provides examples of methods, models and theories used in information behavior research, and reviews more than four decades of research on the topic. It provides coverage ...

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Details Information-needs-and-Information-seeking-behaviour-of-Namibian-pastors

Master's Thesis from the year 2013 in the subject Information Management, University of Namibia (Department of Library and Information Science), course: Master of Information Science, language: English, abstract: This study investigated the ...

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Details Tasse-Informations-Experte-schwarz

Sie sind ein Informations Experte? Dann wird Sie unser hochwertiger Informations Artikel aus unserem vielfältigen Sortiment an Informations Artikeln begeistern. Sie erhalten bei uns Informations T-Shirts, Poloshirts, Pullover, Sweatshirts, Kapuzen ...

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Details Global-Information-Society-Operating-Information-Systems-in-a-Dynamic-Global-Business-Environment

Addresses the importance of information technology management and issues in operating information systems in the global dynamic business environment. This book embraces discussions of the global information technology theory, frameworks and IT ...

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Details Information-Retrieval-Am-Beispiel-der-Wide-Area-Information-Server-WAIS-und-dem-World-Wide-Web-WWW

Inhaltsangabe:Gang der Untersuchung: Information Retrieval befaßt sich mit der Erschließung, Speicherung und Wiedergewinnung von Information. Die Inhalte des Information Retrieval werden anhand von Online-Datenbanken erklärt und in bezug auf ...

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Details Algorithmic-Information-Theory-Mathematics-of-Digital-Information-Processing-Signals-and-Communication-Technology

Algorithmic Information Theory Intends to treat the mathematics of many important areas in digital information processing. This book based on lectures on information technology (Data Compaction, Cryptography, and Polynomial Coding) for engineers. It ...

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Details Human-Rights-in-the-Global-Information-Society-Information-Revolution-And-Global-Politcs

Human Rights in the Global Information Society Does the information society help to advance human rights or does it threaten them? Interdisciplinary perspectives on information technology as a global policy issue. Full description

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Details Governance-and-Information-Technology-MIT-Press-From-Electronic-Government-to-Information-Government

Governance and Information Technology Experts discuss moving beyond the notion of electronic government and its focus on technology and efficiency to a broader concept of "information government" that incorporates the role of information flows within ...

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Details Information-Security-in-Research-and-Business-Proceedings-Of-The-Ifip-Tc11-13Th-International-Conference-On-Information-Security-Sec-97-14-16-May-in-Information-and-Communication-Technology

Information Security in Research and Business Proceedings of the IFIP TC11 13th International Conference on Information Security (SEC '97): 14-16 May 1997, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Details Borders-in-Cyberspace-Information-Policy-and-the-Global-Information-Infrastructure-Publication-of-the-Harvard-Information-Infrastructure-Project

Borders in Cyberspace Investigates issues arising from national differences in law, public policy and cultural values as these differences are reformulated in global information infrastructure. The text considers the issues of intellectual property ...

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Details The-Future-of-Personal-Information-Management-Part-I-Our-Information-Always-and-Forever-Synthesis-Lectures-on-Information-Concepts-Retrieval-and-Services-Band-21

Future Directions in Personal Information Management We are well into a second age of digital information. Our information is moving from the desktop to the laptop to the "palmtop" and up into an amorphous cloud on the Web. How can one manage both the ...

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Details Organizing-Information-Principles-of-Data-Base-and-Retrieval-Systems-Library-and-Information-Science

Organizing Information Offers a theoretical base and a perspective for the analysis, design, and operation of information systems, particularly their information storage and retrieval (ISAR) component, whether mechanized or manual. This book discusses ...

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Details Encyclopedia-of-Library-and-Information-Science-Volume-11-Hornbook-to-Information-Science-and-Automation-Division-ISAD-ALA-Library-and-Information-Science-Encyclopedia-Band-11

"The Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science provides an outstanding resource in 33 published volumes with 2 helpful indexes. This thorough reference set--written by 1300 eminent, international experts--offers librarians, information/computer ...

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Details Economics-of-Standards-in-Information-Networks-Information-Age-Economy

Economics of Standards in Information Networks Standards play a prominent role in systems characterized by interaction. In information systems, standards provide for compatibility and are a prerequisite for collaboration benefits. More generally ...

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Details Information-History-An-Introduction-Exploring-an-Emergent-Field-Chandos-Information-Professional-Series

Information History - An Introduction This is a pioneering introduction to the emergent field of information history. It explores how the contemporary values and concerns of our own information society have helped lead to a reconsideration of our ...

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Details Performance-of-Information-and-Communication-Systems-IFIP-TC6-WG63-Seventh-International-Conference-on-Performance-of-Information-and-in-Information-and-Communication-Technology

Performance of Information and Communication Systems Presents discussions of the key issues in modelling and performance of Information and Communication Systems. Providing a theoretical overview of the field, this book addresses key topics like B ...

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Details Information-Systems-Strategic-Management-An-Integrated-Approach-Routledge-Series-in-Information-Systems

Information Systems Strategic Management Provides an analysis of the strategic aspects of information, and includes chapters on strategy and e-business, and strategic implications.

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Details GRWE-Trschild-Information-selbstklebend

GRÄWE Türschild 'Information' - selbstklebend- abwischbare Kunststoffoberfläche- mit dunkelblauem Schriftzug 'Information'- gut sichbare Größe ca. 16 x 4 cm Lieferumfang:- 1 Türschild 'Information'